at ArtsLatinoNY, 311 East 140th Street, March 9 – 12, 2017
Performances in English: March 9 – 10 7:30 PM
Performances in Spanish: March 11, 7:30 PM, March 12 3 PM
Directed by Germán Jaramillo

Inspired by Juan Rulfo’s stories: “Anacleto Morones,” “Paso del Norte,” (“I’m Going North,”) “Diles que no me maten!” (“Tell them not to kill me!”)
Adapted and translated by Linn Cary Mehta

Based on three stories for the stage from El Llano en llamas (The Burning Plain) by the acclaimed Mexican writer Juan Rulfo (1917 – 1986), Trilogy for Juan Rulfo has been created over the course of six years as a collaboration, developed through a series of workshops, between members of the Mexican immigrant community in Staten Island and professional actors, dancers and musicians of Hispanic origin in New York. The adaptation reflects the unique connection that each of the performers forged with Rulfo’s stories, perhaps most dramatically in the adaptation of “Paso del Norte,” the story of a young man’s attempt to journey north. Many of the actors themselves took this bold move when they left Mexico, 50 years after the story was written. The resulting performance draws on their individual memories and consciousness.

Past Performance Venues / Teatros
Premiere / Estreno: Theater for the New City (2011, NYC)
Dominican Commission of Culture (2011, NYC)
The Goddard Riverside Community Center (2013, NYC)
Yale University (2014, New Haven)
Julio de Burgos Cultural Center (2014, El Barrio, NYC)
Make the Road NY (2015, Queens)

In the summer of 2015, A fourth story “No oyes ladrar los perros?” (“Don’t you hear the dogs barking?”) was adapted for the stage and performed at the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts in LA, in an award-winning production directed by Germán Jaramillo with Christian Gnecco, and produced by ID Studio.

These works are available for performance, together or separately, in theaters, schools and community settings, and wherever immigration is a pressing issue.


1495150_917709678258751_1525787008840100225_o photos by: Alejandro Jaramillo

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