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DEL BRONX AL SEINE: 14 de Julio 2 presentaciones en NYC

Publicado el abril 13, 2016 newflyer-Bronx copia

July 14th 2016// 2 performances! 2014 – 2016 Cultural Exchange Program led by ID Studio, DreamYard Project, and Théâtre du Bout du Monde Directed by Miguel Borras and Rachel Consuelo Castillo Translated by Linn Cary Mehta ID Studio has partnered with DreamYard Project, a Bronx-based arts education organization, and t...

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Publicado el noviembre 28, 2015 flyer New wors in progres

 BETWEEN WORLDS Directed by German Jaramillo Written by Toby Campion “Between Worlds” is a project in three parts by writer Toby Campion that celebrates the distinct music and culture of three Latin American countries: Colombia, Mexico, and Cuba. Campion's trilogy is based on two plays that were p...

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Publicado el noviembre 27, 2015 Rulfo Make the Road

at Dominican Commission of Culture, NYC, December 2015 at Make the Road NY in Queens, June 22 – 25 2015 at Julia de Burgos Cultural Center, El Barrio, October 9 – November 6 2014 Directed by Germán Jaramillo Inspired by Juan Rulfo’s stories: “Anacleto Morones,” “Paso del Norte,” (“I’m Going North,”) “Diles que...

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Ganadores Primer premio del 5to Festival internacional de teatro Bilingual Foundation for the Arts en Los Angeles

Publicado el julio 16, 2015 nooyesladrarlosperros

Ganadores Primer premio del 5to Festival internacional de teatro Bilingual Foundation for the Arts en Los Angeles, con "No oyes ladrar los perros". Trabajar en "No Oyes Ladrar los Perros" de Juan Rulfo fue una aventura muy gratificante. El proceso de la puesta en escena y el objetivo fue crear un mundo alrededor del mundo que Juan Rulf...

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Three Beggars, a Rich Man and Other Urban Adventures en Paris

Publicado el julio 16, 2015 Captura de pantalla 2015-07-16 a la(s) 14.32.42

"About the Stage Direction Three Beggars, a Rich Man and Other Urban Adventures allows the performers, despite certain constraints, enormous liberty of expression and interpretation. We felt that we needed to step back from the traditional rigidity of a director coming with predetermined casting. The force of this performance stems from t...

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Galería de imágenes de las presentaciones en Make The Road NY

Publicado el junio 27, 2015 peq

The performances at Make The Road NYC were a total success, what a nice audience! Here some proofs: IMG_3803 Seguir Leyendo >

Galería de imágenes — Del Bronx al Sena

Publicado el junio 27, 2015 DSC07785

Here is how it looked in our performance at the French Institute (NYC) just a few weeks before the team´s trip to Paris DSC07785 Seguir Leyendo >

Conversaciones a propósito de “Máxima Seguridad”

Publicado el junio 22, 2015 IMG_5775

Panel Talks: "Prison Politics: Conversations on the State of Prisoners' Rights in Colombia and the US Today" As a part of the presentation of Maximum Security, ID Studio hosted two panel talks around the human rights issues of prison conditions and prison reform in Colombia and the US. Organized and moderated by the play's translator,...

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Publicado el junio 17, 2015 flyer Bronx

DSC07785This Friday "FROM THE BRONX TO THE SEINE: CONNECTING TEEN VOICES FOR CHANGE" Friday 19 7:00 pm at "French Institute" (22 East 60th Street, NYC) Free Entrance ...

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Germán Jaramillo comenta sobre el reciente tour en Colombia de la obra “Cita a ciegas” producida por el Repertorio Español

Publicado el octubre 04, 2014 Cita a ciegas Manizales

“Without a doubt the tour was a great success for Repertorio. For me it was absolutely memorable not just as a return [to Colombia] but rather as a conquest. We performed in a full audience at the Los Fundadores Theater of Manizales, during the evening, something like one thousand people; on Monday afternoon, a difficult day, w...

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Germán Jaramillo recibe Reconocimiento Especial en los Premios HOLA

Publicado el octubre 04, 2014 michael palma for repertorio cita ciega-1

The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) , the longest running active arts advocacy organization for Latino actors, will honor Germán Jaramillo for his work in Repertorio Español's "Cita a ciegas". With this award, Jaramillo will have received the three most important awards for theater in Spanish in New York for his performance...

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Enrique Krauze escribe elogiosamente sobre “Huérfanos”, de Guita Schyfter

Publicado el julio 11, 2014 IMG_3434-2

"Orphans" is the true story of the life and forbidden love affair of Melchor Ocampo, one of the founding figures of modern day Mexico. Germán Jaramillo, artistic director of ID Studio, plays Lindoro Cajiga, the Spaniard who captures Ocampo and brings him to his death in 1861. Set in Mexico, the film gives a panoramic view of history. In ...

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Repertorio Español le da la bienvenida a dos gigantes del teatro Colombiano en su producción Argentina

Publicado el octubre 06, 2013 1376071198-1

"Colombian movie star Germán Jaramillo and renowned Colombian director Jorge Alí Triana have come to Repertorio Español to inject “Cita a ciegas” with a healthy dose of paisa flare. Both are giants of the Colombian stage and screen, and both are bound to leave an interesting mark in the world of Latin theatre with this provocative ...

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Director Artístico, Germán Jaramillo, actuará en el Repertorio Español

Publicado el octubre 06, 2013 michael palma for repertorio cita ciega-1

ID Studio's very own artistic director, Germán Jaramillo, will be taking on a role in Repertorio Español's production of Mario Diament’s “Cita a ciegas” (Blind Date), which is scheduled to run from October 17th until November 29th. Seguir Leyendo >