Enrique Krauze praises “Huérfanos” (Orphans) by Guita Schyfter

“Orphans” is the true story of the life and forbidden love affair of Melchor Ocampo, one of the founding figures of modern day Mexico. Germán Jaramillo, artistic director of ID Studio, plays Lindoro Cajiga, the Spaniard who captures Ocampo and brings him to his death in 1861. Set in Mexico, the film gives a panoramic view of history. In his review of the film in the Mexican newspaper “La Reforma”, Krauze writes: “The somber and stoic Ocampo (played with sober elegance by Rafael Sánchez Navarro) faces his ideological antipodes (brought to life by the formidable Colombian actor Germán Jaramillo), who albeit a hit man, is haunted by doubt and remorse”. Read the entire review at