The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts (BFA) has a 42-year history of commitment to all people in the greater Los Angeles area, presenting the finest Hispanic literary culture for both Spanish- and English- speaking audiences. BFA’s presence is an integral part of the Los Angeles cultural scene, and provides an added dimension of understanding between the diverse cultures of the area by emphasizing the similarities of the human condition, which serve to unite us.


Housed in a former artillery factory, Bregamos Theater provides a space where community members from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds can participate in the different facets of the theater. The theater provides workshops that cover all aspects of the theatrical profession, including acting, writing, directing, casting, set designs, costume design, sound and lighting, and also offers after school programs for young people and intergenerational programs where seniors and the youth can come together to blend their experiences into rich theatrical creations.


BronxArtSpace supports underrepresented and emerging artists and fosters arts education through themed exhibitions and events in Mott Haven in the South Bronx. BronxArtSpace was founded by Linda Cunningham and Mitsu Hadeishi. Events include exhibitions in collaboration with a number of artists, filmmakers, and curators from the Bronx and around the world.


DreamYard uses the arts to inspire youth, public schools and communities. DreamYard programs develop artistic voices, nurturing young peoples’ desire to make change and cultivate the skills necessary to reach positive goals. By committing to sustained learning opportunities along an educational pathway, DreamYard supports young people as they work toward higher learning, meaningful careers and social action.

Folklore Urbano is a musical production company founded by Colombian composer and pianist Pablo Mayor. The concept “Folklore Urbano” was founded in 1999 when Pablo Mayor moved to NYC and decided to dedicate his career to producing modern Colombian music, combining his formal studies in jazz arranging with a passion for music from his native country of Colombia. Out of this concept came his renowned band in various formats from trio to full 12-piece orchestra, an educational project “Cumbia for Kids and Cumbia for All,” The Encuentro NYC Colombian Music festival, and a music and dance collaboration with Colombian dancer Daniel Fetecua “Amalgama.”


Make the Road New York (MRNY) builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, transformative education, and survival services.

Pajarillo Pinta’o began in 2003 as a traditional Colombian Folkloric dance ensemble while Colombian founder and artistic director Daniel Fetecua Soto was a student at the Folkwang Hochsule in Essen, Germany. The choreography is shaped by a mix of Fecetua’s cross-cultural studies of Colombian traditional dance as a student and his training in dance-theatre, modern, and contemporary dance, especially as a dancer in the world-renowned Jose Limón dance company. Pajarillo Pinta’o interweaves the rhythms, music, choreographic structure and rites of the native dances of Colombia, with the lyricism and neo-expressionism found in contemporary dance. Fetecua has received two grants from the Harlem Stage Fund for New Work.


Founded in 1996 and based in Nanterre, France, the Théâtre du Bout du Monde is a theater organization that seeks to activate and empower marginalized communities through the practice of theater. The company produces workshop series, performances, and partnerships with amateur and professional performers, and in conjunction with partner organizations in the district of Nanterre and internationally.


Founded in 2002, Unidad Latina en Acción, or ULA, is an immigrant rights organization based at 37 Howe Street— known as the New Haven People’s Center. A grassroots social justice organization made up of immigrants in the Greater New Haven area, many of whom have suffered human rights abuses on the job and in the immigration system, ULA works to address human rights abuses and take action. The organization provides crucial support to immigrant individuals and families, who would otherwise be left to navigate the complex immigration court system alone.

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